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USC Wins 1st Place


September 25, 2013 - USC Wins 1st Place in Coulter College BMES 2013 Conference

USC was selected to participate in the Coulter College at BMES 2013 conference. The BME ambassadors to represent USC Viterbi were a team of two PhD. students (Lawrence Yu and Angelica Cobo from the Meng Lab) and four undergrads (Scott Nomura, Steve Wolfsohn, Juliet Schwartz, and Jeff Nishida).  They were selected from labs and classes associated with the USC Coulter program.

The USC team performed very well under the grueling, frenetic-paced two day event that culminated in a pitch competition among the 14 BME teams from across the country.  They won 1st place by judges comprising of industry experts and investors.  In addition, they won by a landslide the "People's Choice" Award by their student peers. 

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