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New Pilot Program Awardees introduced for the 2013-2014 funding cycle include the following:
  • Autologous Tissue Engineered Intestine. Tracy Gricksheit, MD PhD
  • CleftCorrect. Berok Khoshnevis, PhD, Hongsheng Tong, DDS, PhD, Yong Chen, PhD, Stephen Yen, DMD, PhD, and John Pham, DDS
  • Highly Efficient Biological Electrodes for Deep Brain Stimulation. James Weiland, PhD and Mark Liker, MD
  • OCT/Ultrasound-directed Biopsy for Cholangiocarcinoma Diagnosis. Qifa Zhou, PhD and Jacques Van Dam, MD

Please visit Cycle 2 for more information. 

Extended funding for existing Pilot Program Awardees for the 2013-2014 funding cycle include the following:
  • Fetal Micropacemaker for Complete Heart Block. Ramen Chmait, MD, Yaniv Bar-Cohen, MD and Jerry Loeb, MD
  • Intrathecal Delivery of Chemotherapeutic Agents in Pediatric Patients. Ellis Meng, PhD, and Hung Tran, MD
  • Ultrasound-based Cardiac Monitor. Jesse Yen, PhD, and Philip Lumb, MD
  • Myocardial Perfusion Imaging without Contrast Agents. Krishna Nayak, PhD and Ramdas Pai, MD

 Please visit Cycle 1 for more information.