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Cycle 5 Bootcamp

2015-16 Coulter Program - Cycle 5 Schedule

October 1

Pre-proposal submission deadline

October 1 - December 8

Pre-proposal review period by Program Office

October 16

Workshop: Value Proposition (Unmet Needs, Stakeholder Analysis & Market Validation)

November 5

Workshop: ZAP! Part I: Customer Discovery  *10am-2pm

November 12

Workshop: ZAP! Part II: Customer Discovery  *10am-1pm

January 19

Workshop: Market Analysis

January 20 - March 30

Proposal Development Period

February 17

Workshop: Intellectual Property & Commercialization Strategies

February 25

Workshop: Killer Experiment (Milestone-based Project Planning)

March 1

Invitation for Full Proposals

March 1 Workshop: Regulatory & Reimbursement


March 25

Full Proposal submission deadline

April 1

Progress Report submission deadline for Coulter Awardees

April 1

Invitation for Presentations to Oversight Committee

April 14

Workshop: Presentation Skills

April 15 - May 1

Presentation preparation & pitch coaching period

May 2

Presentations to Oversight Committee

June 1

Funding Announcement


About C3i

The National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering and the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation launched an exciting new program in 2014, Coulter College Commercializing Innovation (C3i). C3i is a four month program that involves a series of interactive workshops and custom coaching, providing biomedical innovators with the specialized business frameworks and essential tools that drive translation of biomedical technologies from lab to market. Participants will gain a comprehensive set of core business skills to: 1) assess the commercial value of the opportunity you are pursuing, 2) build a strategic plan for business development and follow-on investment, and 3) build a compelling pitch presentation for potential investors and other business partners.

A video with more information about C3i and the Coulter Foundation can be viewed here.